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The Importance of Sustainable Aquaculture in Our Future | Perry Raso

Perry examines his path to developing sustainable aquaculture in Rhode Island, and points to the global need as protein demands rise and fisheries decline.

Perry Raso, owner of Matunuck Oyster Bar, Matunuck Oyster Farm and Matunuck Vegetable Farm, is a new breed of aquaculturist who combines a love of farming with education, science, and a global environmental outlook. A passionate advocate for locally grown seafood and produce, his celebrated restaurant has earned nationwide recognition for its “farm to table, pond to plate” mission. His oyster farm produces over 1 million market-sized oysters each year, which he sells at farmers markets and restaurants locally and around the country. Perry was the president of the Ocean State Aquaculture Association from 2003-2010. He started the ocean state aquaculture education project to foster the acceptance of aquaculture locally and he has travelled to Southeast Asia and Africa to promote aquaculture and educate farmers on sustainable practices.

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