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Hapa Farms to Partner with local Middle School in Hawaii

I was very excited to see this story about an upcoming aquaponics class to be offered at Highlands Intermediate School (Pearl City) beginning next Fall 2011.  They have partnered with Hapa Farms and will be constructing their own system with the help of the school's science teachers.  Bravo to Hapa Farms and the science staff at Highlands.  I hope we get lots of great pictures from this project.


About Hapa Farms:

Hapa Farms specializes in innovative agriculture with a focus on aquaponic and static hydroponic technology.

The many benefits that aquaponic and hydroponic techniques offer include:

  • Efficient crop growth
  • Low resource requirements
  • High production on marginal agricultural lands

Hapa Farms maintains a small aquaponics farm in Kahalu’u and designs and builds integrated agricultural systems for residential and educational use.



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Comment by shalom brenner on January 28, 2011 at 7:35pm


is it possible to get more info  about  hapa farm activities

cheers shalom

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