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A New United States Fisheries Economics Report

The Fisheries Economics of the United States, 2015 report has been released yesterday, May 9, 2017.

One of NOAA Fisheries’ core missions is promoting sustainable fisheries, including the economic vitality of the communities that depend on this resource. Every year, NOAA publish a report that highlights the economic benefits of U.S. fisheries to our national economy: Fisheries Economics of the United States (FEUS). FEUS tracks economic trends of the commercial fishing and seafood industry, recreational fishing industry, and other marine-related sectors. Analyzing this cross-section of the fishing industry offers an overall picture of the economic benefits provided by each sector. This story map looks specifically at the commercial fishing and seafood industry and the recreational fishing industry.

Each year NOAA Fisheries produces three annual reports covering different aspects of the status of United States marine fisheries.  The report "Fisheries Economics of the United States" provides a detailed look at the economic performance of commercial and recreational fisheries and other marine-related sectors on a state, regional and national basis. The economic impact of commercial and recreational fishing activities in the U.S. is also reported in terms of employment, sales and value-added impacts. The report provides management highlights for each region that include a summary of stock status, updates on catch share programs, and other selected management issues. Economic performance indicators for catch share programs are reported and will be extended to include non-catch share fisheries.

What is the report about?
Economic information related to commercial and recreational fishing activities and fishing-related industries in the United States are reported in the annual Fisheries Economics of the United States (FEUS) statistical series.

What information does the report include?
The report covers a ten year time period and includes descriptive statistics on:

Commercial fisheries
(commercial fisheries landings, revenue, price trends)

Recreational fisheries
(recreational fishing effort, participation rates, expenditure information)

Fishing-related industries
(employer and non-employer establishment, payroll, annual receipt information for fishing-related industries)

Economic impact
(employment, sales, value-added impacts)

To read the full report click HERE

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