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Dr VAITHEESWARAN THIRUVENGADAM left a comment for Siegfredo Dondiego
"Dear Bro 1. You culture of species level, a. freshwater or marine water 2. Fresh water is different - Every 6 hrs water current is change 3. Marine water is different - Here also 6 hrs water current is change. So according to u r statement, which…"
Oct 27
Dr VAITHEESWARAN THIRUVENGADAM left a comment for Siegfredo Dondiego
Oct 27
AquacultureHub Team left a comment for Dr VAITHEESWARAN THIRUVENGADAM
"Hi Dr. V.T., Please check out the FAQ under the 'About Us' in the pulldown menu to post your video. Thanks :)"
Oct 24
AquacultureHub Team commented on Dr VAITHEESWARAN THIRUVENGADAM's blog post Innovative Techniques in Agriculture, E-mail: Website: -Journal of Innovative Technique in Aqua & Aquaculture
"Sorry, but you might need to try again to upload your video. "
Oct 24
Oct 23
Oct 23

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Dr. Vaitheeswaran Thiruvengadam – Curriculum Vitae


Education Profile


1.Ph. D Zoology (Fisheries Science), Jamal Mohamed College, Bharathidasan University, Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India.

Commended in Zoology from Jan 2010 to 04 April 2017

Ph. D Thesis Title: “Population Dynamics and Stock Assessment of two Balistid fishes

                                 (Family: Balistidae) off Thoothukudi waters, Southeast coast of India”

Course Work:

  1. Fish population dynamics, stock assessment and modelling
  2. Advanced fishery biology

2. M.Phil Zoology, Oct 2003 to May 2005, Annamalai University, Chidambaram,

    TamilNadu, India.

3. M.Sc  Zoology, April 1992 to April 2004, Jamal Mohamed College, Bharathidasan

    University, India

4. B.Sc Environmental Zoology, April 1992, National College, Bharathidasan Univerisity,



5.Diploma in Computer Programme and MS Office, 1997 and 2000, Ves Computer, Tuticorin


Personal Details


6. Date of Birth: 03-06-1969


7. Address: Dr. T. Vaitheeswaran M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.,

                   No: 3/336, M. K. Kottai Main Road, East Ambikapuram,

                   Golden Rock, Trichy- 620 004, Tamil Nadu, India.

                   Mobile No: +91 90438 10354 ; What’s up No: +256 702071260



8. Nationality: Indian


9. Passport No: H 3692446 ; Date of Issue: 20.05.1999; Date of Expiry: 19.05.2019


Teaching and Research Experience


10. Department of Fisheries Biology and Resource Management, Fisheries College and Research Institute, Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Thoothukudi,

Tamil Nadu, India                                             :  15 years

Total year of teaching and research experience: 24 years


Honors and Awards


11. Endeavour International Postgraduate Research Scholarship Award - 2006, Doctor

      of Philosophy, School of Aquaculture, University of Tasmania, Australia. (Aus $ 73,200)


12. Renowned Speaker: International Conference on Aquaculture and Fisheries, 20-22 July

      2015, Brisbane, Australia


Current Position

            13. Hatchery Technician and Head: Breeding, seed production and culture of Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus), Victoria Treasures Limited, Kampala, Uganda, East Africa. From 21-09-2016 to 09-01-2017


14. Assistant General Manager, RnD and Q.C.,, Department of New Drug Discovery, RARBIO Energies Private Limited, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. From 01-01-2014 to 27-04-2015


15. DBT Project: Development of feed technology for semi-intensive prawn farming, CIBA,


16. TPT Project: Seabed and water quality monitoring. Cruise Assignment, Sagar Patchmi,

      NIOT, NIO, CECRI, Tuticorin

17. PRO and Campus In Charge: Saranathan College of Engineering, Panjapur, Trichy

18. TN Fisheries Consultancy and Environment Impact Assessment Projects, Anna

      University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

19. DBT Project: Setting up of Natural Resource Awareness clubs (DNA Clubs) in

      Pondicherry and Karaikal, Sri AMM Murugappa Chettiar Research Centre, Chennai.


Project Investigator: Student Project: Study of Type I and Type II Diabetes mellitus in Union Territory of Puducherry”, Kannaki Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Villianur, Pondicherry, Make Science International Competition, Fourth Edition (2009-2010), Funded by UNESCO - Competition organized by the Science Faculty of University Paris-Sud 11-Orsay, France. January to April 2010.

Eight Govt. Hr. Sec. School and two private higher secondary school - Union Territory of Puducherry- One year teaching experience with corresponding schools at Pondicherry.

20. Guest Lecturer in Zoology: PG and Research and Department of Zoology, E.V.R. Government College, Trichy, Tamil Nadu

Fisheries College and Research Institute, Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, India.


21. ICAR Project: Rearing and transport of spiny lobster larvae

22. ICAR Project: Resource Assessment of Ornamental Reef fishes of Gulf of Mannar,

      Southeast coast of India.

23. ICAR Project: Optimization of yield and technical efficiency analysis for aquaculture

      development in Tamil Nadu

24. MoEF Project: Conservation of Lobsters in the Gulf of Mannar

25. GoMBRT Project: Study on fish resources of GoMBRT their current status, diversity, abundance, prevailing threats and productivity potential and suggesting future management protocol for biodiversity conservation and sustainable fishing practice for important commercial and non-commercial species.

26. GoMBRT Project: Molluscan diversity of Thoothukudi coast of Gulf of Mannar Biosphere and its current exploitation rate in different fishing practices.

27. NADP Project: Generating alternative livelihood options for the coastal community towards fisheries biodiversity conservation in Tamil Nadu

28. NADP Project: Increasing fish production in Tamil Nadu through production and distribution improved Tilapia.



     est Lecturer in Zoology: PG and Research and Department of Zoology, E.V.R. Government College, Trichy, Tamil Naduppa Chett

FC&RI, Tamil Nadu Fisheries Universitty, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

29. Part II Scheme: Biosecured microbial flocculent driven farming for domesticating ecofriendly and viable culture practices for vannemei shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) and Milk fish (Chanos chanos, Etroplus suratensis, Mugil cephalus and Scatophagus argus)- Hatchery, Culture in line ponds.


Key Skills and Strengths

PC – Statistical software- FiSAT, PRIMER v 6, ECOSTAT, SPSS, ArcGis, Arcview and MS Office


Cruise Programme

  1. National Institute of Ocean Technology, SAGAR PATCHMI, Chennai, India
  2. Cruise Programme- II, Central for Earth Science, Trivandrum, Kerala
  3. Chennai Port Trust (Chennai Mega Terminal), EIA, Chennai Ennure Port, India


Editor and Associate Editor

  1. Editor of Innovative Technique in Aqua and Agriculture, USA.

  1. Editor of Journal of Agricultural Science and Botany, United Kingdom

  1. International Journal of Aquaculture, Canada (As a Member of Editorial Team)
  2. Innovative Techniques in Agriculture, Scientiaricerca, U.S.A., (As a Member of Editorial Team)
  3. International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies, New Delhi. (Associate Editor)
  4. International Society of Zoological Sciences-Accredited member, China. Membership No: 1096-I
  5. Viral Nervous Necrosis (VNN) Disease Network- Member 1602.


  1. 8.      Aquaculture, Aquarium, Conservation & Legislation – International Journal of the Bioflux Society, Romania.
  2. International Journal of Marine Science, Canada
  3. Indian Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Research, India (Life Member)
  4. Fisheries Technocrafts Forum, Directorate of Fisheries, Teynapet, Chennai, India. (Life Member)


Professional Lectures

  1. Invited lectures and Presentation: National College and EVR Government College, Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India
  2. Department of State Fisheries, Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu


Films and Documentaries

  1. Lobster Rearing for Ponvilaiyum Bhoomi Programme- Doordarshan DD 1 and DD 5, 25th April 2007, 8 min 42 seconds, 5.20 pm
  2. Lobster Culture for Ponvilaiyum Bhoomi Programme- DD 1 and DD 5, 25th April 2005, 7 min 01 second, 5.10 pm






International Journal

International Conference Renowned Speakers, Brisbane,


International Journal Editorial Board and Associate

Editor and Peer Reviewer

International Conference


National Journals

National Conference/ Seminars

15 No

1 No

6 No


22 No

22 No


Monographs/ Manuals

Research papers published in Books

Cruise Assignment


Guest Lecturer

Popular Articles

13 No

3 No

1 Cruise Assign

13 No

17 No

43 No

Tamil News Articles


Expedition experience

SCUBA Diving Cassette C.D

T.V Talk

Preparation -Monographs




146 No


6 years

5 No

5 No

3 No




New Records– Indian waters –Marine finfish- shellfish species viz., 68 numbers of finfishes and shell fishes were reported for the first-time in Indian coast, Indo-Pacific, Western Pacific and Gulf of Mannar, India.


Declaration: I hereby declare that the information provided above is true to the best of knowledge.



Date:                                                                                           (T.VAITHEESWARAN)






New Records– Indian waters –Marine finfish- shellfish species viz.,

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Sl. No



Indian Ocean/Indo Pacific

  1. 1…

Editorial -Innovative Techniques in Agriculture-Innovative Techniques in Aqua & Agriculture

Posted on October 23, 2017 at 10:17pm 0 Comments

T. Vaitheeswaran*

Assistant General Manager, Research and Development, Quality Control, New Drug Discovery, Marine Invertebrate Division, Cancer Drugs;

Rarbio Energies Private Limited, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Received: August 10, 2017; Published: August 31, 2017

*Corresponding Author: T. Vaitheeswaran, Assistant General Manager, Research and Development, Quality Control, New Drug Discovery,

Marine Invertebrate Division, Cancer Drugs; Rarbio Energies Private Limited,…


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At 1:44am on October 24, 2017, AquacultureHub Team said…

Hi Dr. V.T., Please check out the FAQ under the 'About Us' in the pulldown menu to post your video. Thanks :)


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