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AquacultureHub Inc. is a non-profit organization with a 501(c)(3) tax exemption status.

The mission of the AquacutureHub is to promote aquaculture education, workforce development and reduce the seafood trade deficit.

The is a FREE Social Network that will allow everyone in the world, who has an interest in feeding the world via aquaculture to share, educate others, and learn about aquaculture while engaging others with similar interests.

By supporting the network, and with the kind help and participation of our network members, we wish to help advance the development and implementation of aquaculture programs in the U.S. and around the world that promote best practice aquaculture, research, education, sustainability, food security and food safety.


Board of Directors:

Tetsuzan Benny Ron, Ph.D. - President

Barbara Mclain, Ph.D. - Vice President for Education Technology

Stan Arington B.A. Edu. - Vice President for Secondary Education

Kathy Rosenmann B.A., M.S., Edu., - Secretary/Treasurer


Advisory Board:

Carlos Andrade, Ph.D. - Hawaiian Islands

Yoav Gothilf, Ph.D. - Fish Reproduction and Biorhythm

Gideon Hulata, Ph.D. - Fish Genetics

Tim Miller-Morgan, D.V.M. Ph.D.  - Fish Physiology and Health

Shai Shafir, Ph.D. - Life Sciences Teaching, Coral Aquaculture and Restoration

Stephen Van Kampen-Lewis, B.Sc. M.B.A. - Aquaculture, Business, and Environmental Planning

Please review our FAQ before blogging or posting to the forums.

Thank you.

Tetsuzan Benny Ron PhD
AquacultureHub Inc.
9204 Brown Lane
Building #D
Austin, Texas 78754

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AquacultureHub is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization​ with a mission to educate, learn, share & engage people in aquaculture

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