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US Government is seeking Input from Small Businesses at Regional Roundtable Events

The Office of Advocacy Seeks Input from

Small Businesses at Regional Roundtable Events


The SBA Office of Advocacy is an independent office housed in the SBA that serves as an independent voice for small business within the federal government, the watchdog for the Regulatory Flexibility Act (RFA) and the source of small business statistics. Advocacy advances the views and concerns of small business before Congress, the White House, federal agencies, federal courts, and state policymakers.


President Donald J. Trump has made regulatory reform a centerpiece of his agenda and recently signed two executive orders addressing the regulatory burden faced by the private sector. Advocacy has a unique and important role to aid agency implementation of the Executive Orders. To assist in accomplishing the goals of the Executive Orders, we have developed a Regulatory Reform Action Plan.


As part of this plan, we are hosting Regional Regulatory Reform Roundtables across the country in an effort to hear directly from small businesses about what regulations concern them the most. The first of the roundtables will be in Baton Rouge and New Orleans on June 7 and 8. The Baton Rouge roundtable will take place at the LABI Conference Center on June 7. On June 8, we will host a roundtable at the New Orleans Marriot on Canal Street.


The purpose of Advocacy’s Regional Regulatory Roundtables is to:

1.    Identify regional small business regulatory issues in order to assist agencies with regulatory reform and reduction in compliance with Executive Orders 13771 & 13777;

2.    Compile crucial information for Advocacy’s new report on existing small business regulatory burdens across the nation, identifying specific recommendations for regulatory changes based upon first-hand accounts from small businesses across the country; and

3.    Inform and educate the small business public as to how Advocacy and SBA can assist them with their small business goals.

In order for this Regulatory Reform effort to be successful, we need small business participation.


This will be an opportunity for small business leaders to educate Advocacy and federal agencies through first-hand accounts of how they are impacted by federal regulations. The information gathered at these roundtables will be utilized to inform agencies, Congress, and the public on what specific regulations can be modified or removed to help small businesses.


For more information regarding Advocacy’s efforts to help reduce the regulatory burden on small businesses and upcoming roundtable events, please visit

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