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We are requesting your assistance with the attached DRAFT US Country Report that will be submitted to the FAO in June.  At its Thirteenth Regular Session, the FAO Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture noted that the preparation of a country-driven State of the World's Aquatic Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture would provide countries with opportunities for assessing the status of their aquatic genetic resources for food and agriculture and enhancing the contributions of aquatic genetic resources to food security and rural development. Additionally the process of producing Country Reports will assist countries in determining their needs and priorities for the conservation and sustainable use of aquatic genetic resources for food and agriculture, and will help raise awareness among policy-makers. 


The Department of State requested that USDA take the lead in preparing the US Country Report, therefore a committee was established under the Interagency Working Group on Aquaculture with representation from various Federal Agencies and the National Aquaculture Association.  The committee used various Federal documents and their own professional knowledge of aquatic genetic resources to complete a draft the US Country Report (attached), we are seeking your assistance in: 1) verifying the accuracy of information provided; and 2) providing additional information where questions are unanswered or incomplete. 


RequestPlease review this report for technical accuracy and completeness with respect to your species of interest, and forward any comments/revisions in the text of an email by May 29th, 2017


Please excuse receiving this request thru multiple channels as we attempt to be inclusive of stakeholder input from a broad audience.  Please feel free to forward to other interested parties involved in US Aquaculture. 




Caird Rexroad, USDA ARS


Kristen Gruenthal, NOAA

Paul Zajicek, NAA

Nathan Wilke, USFWS

Harvey Blackburn, USDA ARS

Eric Silberhorn, FDA

Eric Landis, FDA

Charles Brinkman, DOS


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