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Back in Micronesia, there was a story told from generation to my generation today that octopus can actually crawl on land and climb a coconut tree. I've never seen one. Only stories from my elder people in the village entailing the morphology of this supposedly an eight tentacles creature reduces to six tentacles with a smaller size compare to the real octopus. Story tells that this  particular and I call it (sixtopus) actually crawls coconut trees and stick its tentacles in the tuba container drinking. I am curious and wanted to make sense out of this story, not only my elders in the village said to have seen it but other people from the other neighboring atolls. Today, am still curious and I'll keep their story somehow true but want to confirm it with you great scientist. During an aquaculture conference in China back in 2011, I shared this story with a scientist from Italy specialized in cephalopods. He didn't say it is true but telling a story of their discovery of another species of octopus found in the gulf of mexico. He said that it could be possible but can not assure me it the story is true. What is your take on this undiscovered sixtopus?

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