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Joint Internship in Aquaculture

Mystic Aquarium has partnered with the Marine Science Magnet High School of Southeastern Connecticut to offer a Joint Internship in Aquaculture. The Joint Intern will learn aquaculture techniques from experienced aquarists during a two-week training period in the Mystic Aquarium’s Fishes & Invertebrates Department.  For the remainder of the semester, the Joint Intern will be based at the Marine Science Magnet High School, where he/she will conduct:

  • Aquaculture Operations: Phytoplankton culture; zooplankton culture; broodstock fish management, conditioning, and spawning; egg incubation; larval fish rearing; growout; system maintenance; and water quality monitoring
  • Aquaculture Research: Literature review; experimental design, data collection & analysis
  • Aquaculture Education: Presentations for students of the Marine Science Magnet High School, as well as Mystic Aquarium staff and volunteers; and design and implementation of laboratory activities for students of the Marine Science Magnet High School

The Joint Intern will participate in Mystic Aquarium’s

  • Intern Education Program: Orientation, weekly career development seminars, at least one intern social, and semester-end project presentation and evaluation
  • Research and Veterinary Services Department: Journal Club, Ridgway Research Seminar Series, research and data progress meetings

Eligibility: The candidate must hold a Bachelor of Science (BS) or Bachelor of Arts (BA) in a related field (e.g., Aquaculture, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Studies, Marine Science, Zoology, etc.).  The candidate may be either a recent college graduate, having received his or her BS or BA within the previous two years, or the candidate may be a current graduate student, actively enrolled in an academic program in a related field leading to a Master of Science, Master of Arts, Doctor of Philosophy, or Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree.


Mystic Aquarium welcomes applications from international students, but is unable to support visas.  NOTE:  This internship runs year-round on a rolling basis, therefore applications are continually being accepted.  FOR THIS INTERNSHIP ONLY, PLEASE DISREGARD  SEMESTER GUIDELINES AND APPLICATION DEADLINES.  To complete an application, visit our website,   Incomplete applications will not be considered.

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Are there any internships programs who would like to convert to aquaculture with masters in Marketing ?

Thank you !

Hello Hanane,

I believe that would depend on your level of experience in the aquaculture field.  Since this is an independent position, it does require someone with experience.

Thank you,



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